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Woven Blanket Press Braided Blanket Material
Oct 19, 2017

Woven Blanket Press braided blanket material

Many types of woven blanket, according to woven blanket material classification are:

(l) pure wool braided blanket Our pure wool braided blanket is made of soil wool as raw material, its fiber length, large pull, good elasticity, shiny, slightly thick and powerful fiber, is the world's best woven weaving blanket Quality raw materials. At present, some manufacturers will be China's cotton wool and imports (such as New Zealand and other countries) mixed with wool fiber use, play wool fiber fine, shiny and so on, and achieved good results. Pure wool woven blanket weight of about 1.6 ~ 2.6kg / square meter, is the senior rooms, halls, stage and other high-level decoration materials. In recent years also produced pure wool non-woven weaving blanket, it is not woven or woven method made of pure wool woven blanket.

(2) Blended woven blanket Blended woven blanket is made of wool fiber and a variety of synthetic fibers made of ground decoration materials. Blended woven blanket due to mixed with synthetic fibers, so the price is low, the use of performance has improved. Such as wool fibers in the 20% nylon fiber blended, weaving blanket can increase the wear resistance of five times, decorative performance as much as pure wool braided blanket, and the price decline.

(3) chemical fiber woven blankets chemical fiber woven blankets also known as synthetic fiber braided blankets, such as polypropylene chemical fiber woven blankets, polypropylene fiber carpets, eye glasses (polyethylene eyes) chemical fiber woven blankets, nylon woven blankets and so on. It is made by tufting or weaving method of synthetic fiber made of surface layer, and then sacked with the bottom of linen. Chemical fiber weaving blanket is good in wear resistance and elastic, low price, suitable for general building floor decoration.

(4) plastic woven blanket woven braided blanket is the use of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizer and other auxiliary materials, the uniform mixing, made of plastic, it can replace pure wool woven blankets and chemical fiber woven blanket use. Plastic woven blanket soft, colorful, comfortable and durable, not easy to burn and self-extinguishing, not afraid of wet. Plastic woven blankets for hotels, shopping malls, stage, residential and so on. Because the plastic braided carpet water, it can also be used for anti-slip role in the bathroom.

(1) a comprehensive clean-up In order to make blanket blanket, it is best to regularly use a vacuum cleaner to the weaving blanket for a comprehensive and detailed clean-up. Usually weaving blankets in the use of a year later, you need to make a thorough and thorough cleaning. If the quality is more high-grade woven blanket, you can send a professional weaving blanket cleaning company for cleaning. (2) local cleaning When the braided blanket stained with liquid, to quickly use a towel or paper towel to absorb the surface of the stains, and then soaked with warm water surface, and then repeatedly with a towel to dry water until no stains so far. If you run into stubborn stains, it is necessary to add softener in warm water, so stained with stained surface in the water soak 5-15 minutes, and then rinse with water can be repeated.

(3) natural dry general imitation silk braided blanket or small size braided blanket, you can directly into the home of the washing machine machine wash. When cleaning wool weaving blanket, you should also be careful not to rub the braided blanket bottom. In order to avoid weaving blankets after drying wrinkles, cleaning braided blankets as long as the hanging can be dry.

(4) Brush carding In order to allow the braided blanket after the cleaning can also restore the original beautiful face, you need to weave the carpet dry to seven or eight into the time, with a brush will be woven silk woven blanket fibers in the same direction straighten out, and comb comb Neatly woven blanket.