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Woven Blanket Good Breathability
Sep 18, 2017

Woven Blanket Good breathability

But also can bring us an unparalleled cool experience, but the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, so the summer is also a common season such as cold and high incidence of the season. In order to prevent and reduce the cold, in the room to cover the blanket.

    Blanket, also known as the summer towel was, it is by virtue of its good permeability, easy to wash, easy to accept and so on, become a lot of people in summer necessary bedding. General specifications for the 150 × 200cm and 180 × 220cm, mostly cotton products. Technology has flat weaving, jacquard, interrupted, cut cash and so on. There are also printing and plain points. Pure cotton blankets are ideal for summer use. Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, its main component is cellulose, containing a small amount of waxy substances and nitrogen and pectin. Cotton fabric by a wide range of inspection and practice, fabric and skin contact without any stimulation, no side effects, sweat breathable, comfortable skin, long wear on the human body beneficial harmless, good health performance. In addition, the bamboo fiber blanket is also a good choice, we have previously learned that bamboo fiber products are many advantages, is a natural health care products. Compared to pure cotton blanket, the most intuitive feeling is to touch them in the moment, cotton blanket warm and comfortable, bamboo fiber blanket silky cool, no matter what kind of blanket are good choice. Custom wholesale high-quality blanket, looking for Xinchang County textile, better service, better quality, more varieties, no matter how you want to customize the wholesale blanket, we will achieve for you

Blanket originated in China, in a long time before the blanket was widely used to promote the use of blankets with its handsome craft, cloth soft and civilized world. With the progress of science and technology, blanket wholesale production of improved water products, making more home selection than this floor, floor tiles and other materials compared to its price is not only expensive and more easily damaged products. So how to use the process of correct and careful maintenance is the key.

 Honey nest Xiaobian visit Nanning decoration market to understand a few maintenance blanket know-how, the following and share with you.

 To dust pollution - second-class blankets should pay attention to dust pollution treatment, blanket is used for the preparation of products, the gap between the layers of fiber is easy to accumulate dust and the like debris. When its retention time is too long, its contaminants may produce tiny chemical changes which may result in localized tints of the felt or hardening of the felt or even hair removal. So it should always use a vacuum cleaner along the blanket along the direction of cleaning, the other is not strictly used to clean the blanket or rough edges of the tool to clean up, so as not to damage the surface of the blanket wool layer. More need to know is not to make the blankets stained with oil, acid, colored and other substances, if accidentally contaminated, should take measures to clean up.

 Dark, ventilated, moisture - not only in the sun, but also Y-ray and X-ray. Which X-ray will absorb any pigment into air molecules and volatile, so we should pay attention to the use of blankets to avoid strong direct sunlight, so as not to premature aging of the blanket. Also placed in the room of the blankets should pay attention to more ventilation and moisture, the blanket moisture and warm conditions are very strong, if not done on the moisture-proof ventilation, then it will be easy to breed mold, moth phenomenon, then the blanket Serious blow, should be requested as soon as possible technical staff to repair, clean up.

 To prevent the blankets on the back - the hair is to prevent the carpet to the opposite appearance of the hair, such as the emergence of such a situation should first use a towel to soak it hot water wipe, and then use the comb to its hair combing, and finally with a wet mat Its Shun hair slowly ironing, can be resolved.