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Woven Blanket Cross After Weaving
Jun 01, 2017

Dosage: 198 grams, 333 meters a group

Background pink two groups, dark purple and purple in the group also left, light purple dosage less than half of the group, a small amount of coffee.

Needle: needle, crochet, sewing needle

Line with the proposed needle is the United States on the 8th pin, 5MM. Hand tight, they used the 9, 5.5MM. Beginning and the side are using 6.5MM crochet. Embroidered letters with stitches.

Number of stitches: The number of stitches is 180 knots and 250 lines long.

Size: 130cm * 120cm {After ironing}

Some sisters do not know how to make big graphic illustrations, if not with the software, and the size is relatively large, the method will be very simple. Used to use this method, the general picture can be made into a diagram.

However, when the cross-woven, is left hand holding the left needle and suppress the pink line, right hand weaving snow green line, weaving the first needle when the line will be tight. So weaving will be neat and compact.

Every day we have to produce a lot of garbage, the beauty of the girls every year seasonal clothes can be piled up. Half of the old clothes do not want to get away, it is difficult to see someone, even to get disaster relief is very difficult. When we put the clothes when the garbage to abandon, please think about how long the earth will be spent to consume these garbage, how much pollution when burning! The old clothes in the closet made mats, in addition to a lot of consumption and re-use and recycling of old clothes, but also to keep the home clean and clean. With the old clothes made of mats carpet, as long as the method is appropriate, but also to make a very dazzling beautiful effect. The kind of their own hands, their own design, home to do the joy of the United States and the joy of home, not everyone can experience Oh This is my old T-shirt and other old clothes to do with the multi-storey carpet, completely broke the impression that the old clothes carpet that dirty terrible image of rotten rotten incomparable. So beautiful mats, in addition to the bathroom can be placed in the absorbent mat, can also be placed at the door when the welcoming carpet, or even openly into the living room for direct decoration is no less. Here we take a detailed study of how to ordinary and monotonous waste clothes made of such a beautiful and practical multi-storey mats. We need to prepare the following materials: a number of old clothes (the production method can consume a lot of fabric, please prepare some waste clothes), scissors, ruler, cardboard (cardboard can be used to do the old calendar paper is very easy to use), plan Powder, pencil. Take the old pants, old clothes, thick sportswear (the more bright the better color), cut into about 50 cm long, wide 30 ...