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Woolen Scarf Scarf Weave
Sep 18, 2017

Woolen Scarf Scarf weave

Cold winter to, we have surrounded the scarf, feeling scarf is not warm enough, not soft enough? Then we personally woven a wool scarf, and today we just like Xiaobian together to learn about wool scarves weave, for their own or loved ones weave a "warm card" scarf, take a look at the wool scarf weaving it.

     After choosing a good wool we started learning wool scarf weave. First look at the effect you want, you can weave very dense, you choose a little fine wool, this needle is called cross needle. Take the two knots under the two knitting under the knitting, if the first two lines on the last two is on, then the second line of the last two is the next, and then the third line of the needle down the poke, two needles and a needle, and then the line Pull up, repeat, the last two needles in accordance with the first line of the needle, the fourth line with reference to the second line. And so on, complete.

      There is also a second wool scarf weave. If you like a little bit of a little bit, then choose some thick lines, the first line, repeatedly woven two needles under the two pins, the end of the line is two needles. The second line, in front of the same as the first line, the final end of the two knitting under the knot. The third line, then the two pins and then the right cross. And so on, and then the last two knit on. The fourth line, refer to the second line. Tightness to adjust their own, remember the number of pins Oh, then this weave to complete friends.

    In summary, do you know about wool scarves? In fact, very simple, if you have the basis of knitting, then weaving wool scarf is very simple Oh, fast action bar

What are the precautions for the maintenance and washing of wool scarves?

     1, wool products are made of a precious raw material of goat wool, wool because of light, soft, warm, slippery characteristics, the best home wash with a hand wash (do not mix with other clothing wash); different Color of wool products should not be washed together, so as not to stain. 2, before washing the size of wool products to record a good amount. Stained with coffee, fruit juice and blood stains and other wool products, should be sent to a special washing shop washing.

    3, before washing with cold water soak 5 to 10 minutes (jacquard or multi-color wool products should not soak), while the side of the dip with his hands gently squeeze in the water. The purpose of soaking the extrusion is to let the dust attached to the inside of the wool from the fiber into the water, the other part of the dirt wetting loose. Soaked in his hands gently squeeze the water, and then into the 35 ℃ neutral detergent in the side soaking with his hands gently squeezed wash, do not wash with hot soap, can not scrub, can not use alkaline Of the washing powder to wash, otherwise there will be rolling hair roll and deformation. Wash the wool products in the home, you can use shampoo wash. Because the wool fiber is a protein fiber, afraid of alkaline detergent, and shampoo is more moderate "type of neutral detergent.

    4, after washing the wool products need to acid "(that is, the washed wool products placed in the amount of acetic acid solution containing soaking), in order to neutralize the residual in the wool soap liquid, to improve the fabric luster, Protective effect, in the acid "process if there is no glacial acetic acid can also be used to eat white vinegar instead, but after the acid also need to once a clean water.