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Woolen Scarf Good Texture
Sep 05, 2017

Woolen Scarf Good texture

To the winter, many people choose to buy wool scarves, wool scarves and cashmere scarves What is the difference between it?


Drawn from the sheep's hair, is the most common kind of wool products. Its characteristics are warm and comfortable, not easy to static. Wool scarf products have two categories, one is made of wool, and then woven into a scarf wool; the other is woven into wool fabric, and then used to make scarves or shawls.


The word from India's name Kashmir, the first refers to the land produced by the cashmere, where the wool crafts have a world-class technology, can be spinning the finest cashmere.

The goat has two layers of hair, the bottom is soft and delicate fluff, the outer layer is rough coat, cashmere is the bottom of the villi, soft and light texture, has a good sense of gloss and smooth feel.

 Although the selection of wool scarves is not as precious as cashmere, but also carefully collected from the goat, is also a natural, non-polluting natural material, and then woven into cloth, wool scarf is a gentle will not adhere to the image of self , It was people in the shoulders, wrapped in the head, or around the neck. It is so beautiful, the kind of natural beauty, or solid color or printing, the United States so delicate and elegant. A wool scarf in his hand, perhaps humble, but it touched the light warm, like the southerly in the strings, the world left in the sorrowful, in the room between their own warmth.

   The world has been shrouded in the fashion atmosphere, probably also on the wool scarf still maintained a classical gentle, a beauty, it did not come because of fashion, and abandoned their own beauty and gentle, as always, the continuation of the classic. Wool scarf texture thick, simple atmosphere, male and female general. Usually men's scarves are often committed to rough mad, strength, maturity, etc., so pure color wool scarf is very suitable for men to wear. Textile is a 23-year scarf production experience in the scarf factory, specializing in the production of high-grade scarves, professional manufacturers of scarves category complete, the quality of trustworthy. Spring breeze is always mixed with the taste of peach people look drunk, full of festive Chinese red will always be the game designers to play to the extreme, 2017 is not like to come to the red wool scarves continue gentleman temperament. Today, the red scarf is no longer a woman's patent, men also have a red wool scarf with dedication. In the men's clothing with, wool scarves, whether casual wear or dress can be worn, some for the overall shape of the extra points, and some are concave at the same time and warm. The gap between you and the type may be just a suitable scarf for you and taste.