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Woolen Scarf Decorations
Oct 30, 2017

Woolen Scarf decorations

Six ways to wear a scarf

A scarf, especially a silk scarf, is a science.

There are many ways to wear a scarf, and no one dares to speak out. The designer shows you the new ways to wear these scarves, adding special decorations such as scarves and long pearl necklaces. There are simple and easy ways to get started, and there are some novel and special fever techniques. These delicate scarves have been twisted, folded, wrapped and turned into perfect garnish. Follow our steps to learn how to wear a scarf, and let your fall be just as cool and cool.

A long scarf can be so small, twining around the neck and knotting it.

B scarf and necklace perfect match, it looks a bit complicated, but very effective.

C choose a square scarf and fold it into a regular pattern. Use an iron to press the shape slightly. Buckle and fasten with a silk scarf.

D - square face folding, twist at corner. Turn buckle. Keep it hidden and tidy up.

E seems simple to wear, but the beauty of it is to emphasize the volume and integrity of the silk knot. First, fold the silk scarf into strips and make a regular knot. Then the left and right corner of the scarf will be worn out of the knot.

F hangs in the front of the long silk scarf, the method that is a bit similar to a man to tie a tie, different is to have a string of necklace to point eyeball, appear particularly enchanting.

It is good medicine to use a scarf

When it comes to scarves, one response is to keep warm and decorative. But according to pharmaceutical research, the scarf is much more than that, and it's no exaggeration to say that the scarf is still a drug.

Effect 1: beauty maintenance

The silk scarf is specially processed to make it more suitable for winter wear. And the raw material of silk, make the scarf not only good air sex, kiss skin, also have the function of health care.

Silk fiber is similar to human skin contains 18 kinds of amino acid composition, can increase the vitality of epithelial cells, prevent hardening of the arteries, nourish the skin, prevent dry skin wrinkles, delay skin aging, at the time of use is in the beauty at the same time.

Effect two: accelerate blood circulation

Scarf has the effect of warm, multi-purpose scarf at ordinary times, not only can promote the blood circulation, can alleviate fatigue, no matter in cold winter or summer cool air-conditioned rooms, scarf can protect your body.

Effect 3: prevent a cold

In autumn and winter, people with poor physical health become routine. In fact, to solve this problem, a scarf is ok. The neck is the most vulnerable place in the whole body and protects the neck. It is better to prevent colds than to eat garlic and jade screens.

Why does summer also catch a cold, and is difficult to heal? Actually summer cold is the most important reason is air conditioning. In the summer heat, many people are used to being in the air conditioning room, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is high, in this kind of environment for a long time, easily cause the resistance to fall sharply, the chance of catching a cold also increases. And after a lot of people are used to summer sweat into air conditioning, also like the wind, this habit is not only easy to catch a cold, also can cause arthritis, a scarf, perfect the protection of the neck, reducing cold arthritis.

Efficacy four: stay away from cervical spondylosis

Old Chinese medicine thinks, the six factor that human body causes disease is: wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire, among them the wind evil is the top, it is the place that needs to pay attention to when maintaining body. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the neck is the "fortress" of the human body, and it is full of blood vessels and important points, which requires special attention. Therefore, in the winter, the cervical spondylosis enters the high season. A scarf can hold you back from disease.

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