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Woolen Scarf Avoid Local Friction
Aug 27, 2017

Woolen Scarf Avoid local friction

Woolen Scarf is one of the long scarves, and its value is not to devalue the scarf. Because the cashmere is the root of wool and pork skin above the hair called cashmere, is a very precious textile raw materials, low content, high quality, expensive is a veritable soft gold. Natural cashmere scarves are smooth, soft, and elastic, feel soft and gluttonous skirt let you have aristocratic enjoyment. Glossy soft, cashmere scarf with fine slippery glutinous fine features, that silky soft and bright natural luster, with a charming temptation. Cashmere scarves have good hygroscopicity and breathability, around the neck, feel comfortable, with a rich natural flavor. Although the selection of wool scarves, although not as precious as cashmere, but also carefully received from the goat who is also a natural, non-polluting natural materials, and then woven into cloth, wool scarf is a gentle will not adhere to self-image things , It was people in the shoulders, wrapped in the head, or around the neck. It is so beautiful, the kind of natural beauty, or solid color or printing, the United States so delicate and elegant. A wool scarf in his hand, perhaps humble, but it touched the light warm, like the southerly in the strings, the world left in the sorrowful, in the room between their own warmth.

Woolen Scarf The world has been shrouded in the fashion atmosphere, probably also on the wool scarf still maintained a classical gentle, a beauty, it did not come because of fashion, and abandoned their own beauty and gentle, as always, the continuation of the classic. First of all, on the one hand to avoid the local friction from the ball, scarves with clothes collar as smooth as possible, wear time should not be too long, pay attention to intermittent, alternating wear, to restore elasticity, so as to avoid fiber fatigue damage. Secondly, pay attention to the scarf cleaning method can also effectively prevent the ball. You can use silk hair wash, pour a little bit of water in the bubble for 15 minutes, a rub that can be washed out of the scarf and soft and soft. Cleaning water temperature should not be too high, while avoiding excessive friction on the surface of the scarf. In the purchase of wool scarves, people often pay attention to the problem of wool scarves, in fact, can be assured that people who love wool products know the real wool scarf is also normal, and will know that care to protect it, after all, all the material scarf More or less will have to use the old wear and tear of the phenomenon, if you can not afford the ball scarf, you can consider the Department of cotton scarf Oh.