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Well-known Textile Brands To Bring You A Brief Understanding Of Nisi Fang
Oct 28, 2016

Nisi, also known as nylon spinning, weft by nylon filament. Generally divided into medium-thick type (80g / m2) and thin (40g / m2). Latitude and longitude raw materials used 70D. The organization of the fabric is plain weave. Change the organization (diamond-shaped grid. Nylon hexagonal grid. Nylon Oxford grid). The fabric is smooth and smooth, soft to the touch, light and wear-resistant, bright color, easy to wash and quick-drying. Mainly used for men and women clothing fabrics. Coated nylon airtight, impermeable, and has a down proof, for skiing, raincoats, sleeping bags, mountaineering suits the fabric. Nylon spun silk after processing a variety of ways, and some can be refined, dyeing or printing; some can be rolled or embossed pattern; some can be coated.