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The Development Of Home Textile
Oct 28, 2016

In 2009, a ferocious financial crisis for China's textile industry suffered its 30 years of rapid development of the coldest "winter." According to the survey, 45% of the country's textile enterprises at a loss, the worst of Nantong 19% of the small and medium-sized textile enterprises shut down. In the national policy of stimulating domestic demand support, the original dependence on export processing of textile enterprises to domestic sales, in the channels, brands and other conditions of some "acclimatized", precarious, for 2009 is an extraordinary Chinese textile year. In 2010, the textile industry, the history of the most difficult year, during the year, cotton prices soared three times, resulting in a number of textile enterprises to stop production, which triggered a valuable cloth without the city. Home textile enterprises in the environment, had to raise prices. At the same time, the negative impact of the real estate industry, the proportion of people to buy a house fell sharply. According to industry statistics, textile enterprises in 2010 compared to 2009 sales fell 13 points on average.