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Textile Manufacturers To Bring You To Understand The Varieties Of Human Fiber Fabrics
Oct 28, 2016

Such as: polyester and viscose blended textiles, high-curled viscose wool fabric, hollow viscose knitted fabrics. They are made with a high proportion of viscose fiber mixed with a low proportion of polyester fiber, or 50% each. Like high-curled viscose wool-like fabric is made of 67% fine denier high-curled viscose and 33% polyester blended high-count yarn, with a rich feel, strong sense of hair, similar to vanlitin's appearance style, suitable for making Female dress, plain clothes and so on. Feather yarn, Fuchun spinning is a human silk and cotton yarn or yarn of the intertwined products, with a firm texture, fabric smooth and very real, cheap and so on, can often be used as clothing lining. In short, the man-made fiber fabric with its excellent moisture absorption to win in other chemical fiber fabrics, but because of its fabric after the water will become hard, strong deterioration, so be careful not to rub rub. In addition, when the cut to keep the width of the hem, and the need to code side, so as to avoid yarn slippage, a "wire" phenomenon