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Shawl Blanket The Law Of The Shawl
Aug 11, 2017

shawl blanket The law of the shawl

The shawl is a kind of clothing developed from the Sui Dynasty. Xu Ke "clean barnyard class of clothing and shawl": "shawl for the civil and military size of the official dress when used, added to the item, covered in the shoulder, shaped like Ling, embroidered python. Eight Banners also have. The shawl is very popular. Especially the modern women, shawls is a woman's favorite, either free to wrap around the shoulder or arm, giving a natural, comfortable and quiet; can also wear a button, looks stylish, generous, dignified. So custom shawl shawl manufacturers for the majority of women brought benefits.

Custom shawls are quality, credible, innovative, exclusive and eternal five elements as the core. Textile is to uphold this attitude for the majority of customers need to customize the shawl. I believe for each customer, are confident, elegant and loyal to their own style of personality thinking. Textile to customer as the center, to focus on the services of the division, emphasizing the sense of exclusive and personalized. The development of modern society, a lot of clothing, shawls are all mass production, many lost their uniqueness. Customized shawl can not only bring personality to customers, but also allows customers to bring a sense of warmth at the same time, to show people a different kind of beauty. Shawl, is a symbol of taste, a fashion sense of the cohesion, it is the most flavor of autumn and winter clothing. In the random cloak, naturally drooping between the elegant and moving temperament. Good at packaging their own fashion girls, naturally will not ignore the charm of this popular element. Especially the custom of foreign trade shawl, it is generous and fashionable. Foreign shawl customization is generally based on large size, draped over the body, even more casual and casual. Scarves shawl of the system there are many, here to explain to you five more elegant method:

1, cloak wear method: the use of relatively large cloak or is a semi-circular large shawl, put this shawl draped over the body, there will be the effect of wearing a coat, people feel romantic, the use of generous shawl or long Shawl can also wear out this effect. In this way to wear matching wedding dress, you need to avoid the choice of heavy material.

2, cloak style: This is the most classic, the most common is a special atmosphere of a wear method, that is, from ancient times so far the shawl at both ends of the symmetrical ride on the shoulders, naturally vertical in the chest wearing the law. This method of wearing that is grace and free.

  3, wrapped around: the area is relatively large square or a relatively long long shawl, or even split-style shawl, are very suitable for this way to wear.