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Shawl Blanket The Form Of A Shawl
Aug 01, 2017

shawl blanket The form of a shawl

Shawl is from the Sui Dynasty (581-618) after the development of a kind of clothing, it is a week around the neck, worn on the shoulder. To the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the shawl spread to all sectors of society, especially when married to become young women indispensable clothing. Developed later, the shawl more wear in the old season or marriage. Shawl in the form of "Sihe wishful" shape, but also striped. The production of the shawl is usually made of two layers of eight clouds, each piece of cloud or embroidered flowers and birds, or embroidery drama story. A beautiful shawl takes a long time to embroider, its craftsmanship is exquisite. Shawl embroidery with a variety of needle, such as needle, needle, needle, pine needles, nail lines, playing sub-circle, grab the needle, Qi pin, style is also more numerous.

Tibetan antelope cashmere made of shawl called "sand figure", is the world recognized the most beautiful and most soft shawl. A shawl is woven at the expense of the life of a Tibetan antelope. Tibetan antelope cashmere smuggled from Tibet to the Indian village and Kashmir, where it can legally use Tibetan antelope cashmere and shawls, but export trade is still illegal.

Although the history of India has used Shatushi shawl for dowry customs, but the Western fashion industry on the pursuit of Shatu is a direct result of the late 80s and early 90s, the reasons for the sharp rise in hunting. An annual estimate of 20,000 Tibetan antelopes was hunted for reasons of Shatush.

Now most of the shawl mostly silk, texture is relatively soft and light.

Chinese medicine editor

Shawl, medical device name. Humeral neck fracture and other fixed appliances. See "medical gold Kam" volume eighty-seven. Its with a cooked cowhide piece, five inches long, wide three inches, two drill two holes, caught in the wound, to wear the cotton rope, tightly tied. For the fracture of the humeral neck, or the complex fracture of the shoulder after the complex fixation.

Seven Star Shawl Editors

Seven-star shawl, naxi called "You yoke", the upper part of the sheepskin cut into a square, the bottom of the approximate braces. Winter cold when the wool inward, summer hot days when the sheepskin light inward. The upper part of the sheepskin decorated with a rectangular thick coat of cloth covered nearly one-third of the sheep's face, known as the sheep's skin neck. Upper edge, sewn with a pair of embroidered butterfly pattern of white cloth long belt, for the sheepskin Department in the body, that is, the strap. Naxi people earlier shawl, in the upper part of the sheepskin neck symmetry each decorated with a diameter of about five inches of the disc, the disc with a color silk embroidered with a variety of patterns. In the lower part of the sheep's neck, decorated with seven discs of about three inches in diameter, still embroidered with colored patterns of small disc ornaments, each small center of the disk hanging three knives suede fine lines, a total of fourteen, called "excellent Yoke ", that is, sheepskin to be.

Naxi people's seven-star shawl on the sheep's skin there are two larger discs, respectively, on behalf of the day and month, and seven small discs on behalf of seven stars, a symbol of Naxi women "shoulder to bear the sun and the moon, bear the stars" To celebrate the virtues of the Naxi women's hard work, by the seven small disc center hanging four suede fine line, then the sun and the moon stars radiate the light, to bring light and warmth.