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Shawl Blanket Satin Brocade
Jun 15, 2017

shawl blanket Satin brocade

Shawl is also called cloud shoulders, mostly silk satin weaving production, most of the cloud shoulders with four moire composition, called Sihe Ruyi, as well as willow-style, lotus-style, etc., above auspicious proposition, such as rich peony , Blessing and longevity, year after year there are fish and so on. Ming and Qing Dynasties when a lot of popular, mostly in the wedding banquet and other social occasions.

1. on the shoulders. Tang Du Xunhe "free two public delivery to Zen meditation and thus solution to the" poem: "rosary in the hand tossing Zen monk, Zen monk shawl cherished beads.

Old dress name Ming Lao Ruoyu "discretion in the minister to admire the discipline": "shawl, mink system made a circle, high six or seven inch range, large as a hat, two near the mink two rectangular, hair to the ear, that With the hook with the ramp hanging in the official hat after the mountain. "Xu Ke" clean barnyard class notes clothing shawl ":" shawl for the text of the size of the official dress when used, add to the item, covered in the shoulder, shaped like Ling , On the embroidered python. Eight flag life also.

3. This refers to the clothing on the shoulders. Especially in the upper body of a sleeveless short coat.

4. Medical device name. "Shoujin Jinjian orthodontic law essentials utensils general": "shawl, with a pair of cooked leather, five inches long, wide three inches, two open two holes, caught in the wound to wear worn, Tightly tied, compared to the wood slightly soft.

History editor

Shawl is from the Sui Dynasty (581-618) after the development of a kind of clothing, it is a week around the neck, worn on the shoulder. To the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the shawl spread to all sectors of society, especially when married to become young women indispensable clothing. Developed later, the shawl more wear in the old season or marriage. Shawl in the form of "Sihe wishful" shape, but also striped. The production of the shawl is usually made of two layers of eight clouds, each piece of cloud or embroidered flowers and birds, or embroidery drama story. A beautiful shawl takes a long time to embroider, its craftsmanship is exquisite. Shawl embroidery with a variety of needle, such as needle, needle, needle, pine needles, nail lines, playing sub-circle, grab the needle, Qi pin, style is also more numerous.

Tibetan antelope cashmere made of shawl called "sand figure", is the world recognized the most beautiful and most soft shawl. A shawl is woven at the expense of the life of a Tibetan antelope. Tibetan antelope cashmere smuggled from Tibet to the Indian village and Kashmir, where it can legally use Tibetan antelope cashmere and shawls, but export trade is still illegal.

Although the history of India has used Shatushi shawl for dowry customs, but the Western fashion industry on the pursuit of Shatu is a direct result of the late 80s and early 90s, the reasons for the sharp rise in hunting. An annual estimate of 20,000 Tibetan antelopes was hunted for reasons of Shatush.

Now most of the shawl mostly silk, texture is relatively soft and light.