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Shawl Blanket Decorative Warmth
Aug 27, 2017

shawl blanket Decorative warmth

The shawl is a kind of clothing developed from the Sui Dynasty. Xu Ke "clean barnyard class of clothing and shawl": "shawl for the civil and military size of the official dress when used, added to the item, covered in the shoulder, shaped like Ling, embroidered python. Eight Banners also have. The shawl is very popular. Especially the modern women, shawls is a woman's favorite, either free to wrap around the shoulder or arm, giving a natural, comfortable and quiet; can also wear a button, looks stylish, generous, dignified. So custom shawl shawl manufacturers for the majority of women brought benefits.

Custom shawls are quality, credible, innovative, exclusive and eternal five elements as the core. Textile is to uphold this attitude for the majority of customers need to customize the shawl. I believe for each customer, are confident, elegant and loyal to their own style of personality thinking. Textile to customer as the center, to focus on the services of the division, emphasizing the sense of exclusive and personalized. The development of modern society, a lot of clothing, shawls are all mass production, many lost their uniqueness. Custom shawl not only shawl can show ladies elegant charm, and by the majority of women sought after. In addition to material, the shape of the shawl is constantly in innovation. Wholesale custom new shawl how much less 2016 new pull the wind shawl. If you have customized the requirements of other shawls, we also achieve for you, for the traditional shawl wholesale market into the fresh blood of the shawls, sleeves and shawls. That customers bring personality, customers can also bring warmth at the same time bring beauty, to show people a different kind of beauty.

   Shawl as a decorative warm and practical single product, become a season with high use of goods. Today's fashion shawl style, material is different, different technology. What are the shawl craft? Textile introduced under the shawl of the process, a printing process, yarn-dyed technology, jacquard technology, hand-painted process, tie-dye process.

 Printing process: is the use of dyes or pigments in the textile on the process of printing patterns. As we all know, shawls have thousands of different patterns, some of them are printed, and some are jacquard. Printed cloth weaving, the pattern and then printed up. Jacquard refers to the fabric on the pattern refers to the weaving, with different colors of yarn woven up. Compared to printing, jacquard shawl more texture, but the relative cost is relatively high. Printing is flat, positive pattern clear, the opposite is more vague, jacquard fabric pattern more three-dimensional, will increase the thickness of the fabric.