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Shawl Blanket A Kind Of Europe And The United States
Sep 05, 2017

shawl blanket A kind of Europe and the United States

Temperament type

Simple shawl shawl around the way around the neck, if the shawl shawl material is very soft, can be appropriate around the fine, will give people a sense of Europe and the United States Fan.

Elegant type

Will be shawl shawl, stacked on the back, into a triangle shape, the corner to stay in front, you can also use the shawl blanket fastening.

Simple type

In the clothing is too monotonous, need to decorate the time, shawl shawl can not help but is a best choice, simple finishing tidy, hanging in the neck, both decorative, but also to withstand the air conditioning to bring the slightest coolness. The shawl shawl is both a substitute for a hat and a continuation of a hat. It may be wind, sand, warm, but also for women, male body decorated decoration. In a sense, the decorative function of the shawl shawl has exceeded its practical value. In the cold climate, people will wear wool thick woven shawl shawl to keep warm. In a dry, dusty, or airy area, people can wrap a thin shawl shawl on the head to keep the hair clean. With the development of time, this habit has become a lot of culture in the trend of women's clothing.

Department of shawl blankets, especially scarves, is really a knowledge. How many kinds of garlic blanket wear law, who dare not lie. Designers give you a demonstration of these kinds of shawl blanket fresh law, adding some special ornaments, such as scarf buckle, long pearl necklace and so on. There are easy to learn the entry method, there are some more novel, special fever skills. These fine shawls are twisted, folded, wrapped, in the hands into a great decoration. Follow our steps to learn the skills to wear shawl blanket, so that your fall is also full of cool warmth.

A long shawl can also be so small, wrapped in the neck two, and then knotted.

B cloak and necklace perfect match, looks a bit complicated, but very effective.

C Select a square scarf, folded into a regular fan-shaped crease. With a little iron ironing molding. Fastening, with scarf buckle fixed.

The square is folded diagonally and twisted at the corner. Rotating buckle. Will be tucked up and sorted out.

E looks simple wear method, in fact, the beauty lies in emphasizing the volume and integrity of the filament. The first scarf stacked into a long, make an ordinary knot, and then left and right horns from the knot piercing.