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Scarf Warm Effect
Aug 27, 2017

Scarf Warm effect

I believe that every woman can pull out several cashmere wool scarves from the closet, as a "zero threshold" of the single product you may be buying every year, but the most you have to buy that? For example: cashmere scarf! Buy scarves have to buy cashmere, the warm effect is 8 times the wool, the weight is less than half of the wool. Until a few cashmere wool scarves a contrast, only to feel what is really "soft silky like a small baby's skin, especially want to take in the face rub rub." This is hand touch, from the heart of the real feelings.

Only the goat who have cashmere, not just because of the rare, it was called "fiber queen" and "soft gold." Wool is very common, is directly from the sheep who cut down, so there will be some rough and tie. And cashmere, is the shepherd a little bit down from the goat body, is a thin layer of small fluff. But the comfort and warmth of any textile raw materials are unmatched. Since the weather is not good, we should be better on their own, a cashmere scarf so you have no prepared to fall in love, once used to its texture, you probably would not want to wear other scarves. Cashmere scarf why expensive?

 In short, cashmere gives you the comfort is often proportional to the price, cashmere sweater is not only because of the complexity of the process, the most important is a cashmere goat life can contribute cashmere, but only enough to do 1-2 Cashmere sweater. Each year the global cashmere production is about 6500 tons, while the wool production is 200 million tons

Cashmere scarf in the end how warm?

   Cashmere is a goat in the winter, in order to resist the cold in the hair roots of a layer of fine hair. High-quality cashmere wool wool is eight times the weight (weight is it half), because the cashmere microfiber structure can prevent air-conditioning penetration (fiber average fineness of not more than 19 microns, the diameter of the hair is generally 80 microns ). Cashmere is best to wear, it can quickly adjust the temperature for the skin, even if the next ten degrees can also be perfect warm.

How to pick cashmere scarves?

   Cashmere is characterized by soft, soft, slippery, waxy, warm, in addition to pick you trust the brand, feel smooth, uniform lines clear, soft color is also a good cashmere embodiment. On the contrary, if you feel rough or loose fiber, then this kind of cashmere is likely to lead to serious pilling. Hand light after holding the release, can quickly rebound is the texture of the cashmere goods superior. And wool, please try to dry or cold water cleaning, good cashmere in the maintenance of properly under the premise that it can be used for life.