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Scarf Tied A Scarf To Tell The Book Complex
Aug 11, 2017

Scarf Tied a scarf to tell the book complex

Scarf + shirt fit shirt with a body effect, feel slim, free to bring a scarf to tell the book complex. Large scarf can be used for shawl, with a simple shirt with a typical elegant casual wear.

  Color and scarf

 1 partial white skin color partial white skin color can choose a wide range of colors, no matter what color will be used to look good, white and ruddy skin is very suitable for the choice of color striped scarf, such bright colors are partial red and red skin color Color, to create a sweet sense at the same time more casual taste, with dark gray, red and other dark can further highlight the white, light yellow, pink and other light can be used to highlight the soft; but the white red color should be avoided red More fine lattice color, easy to make the face appears to be like a red blood, so even the white skin MM should also carefully choose the color Oh

  In addition to the choice of some cool colors, if you have to choose the partial yellow line, you can choose the color interspersed with two colors, such as the earth yellow and black stitching color, so that color Farther away from the face to ease the yellow tones brought about by the dull visual experience; slightly yellow skin color in the choice of brown scarf, you should try to choose the color of the shallow style, you can moderately adjust the brown to the skin caused by Of sub-health. Should wear light yellow, pink, medium gray, light gray blue and other light-colored soft scarf, should not use dark red, deep purple, yellow, dark green and other colors.

 3 partial black skin color is darker, should not use dark red, deep purple, dark gray, black and other dark scarves scarf, and to light gray, lake blue, rose red and other colors is better.

 How to choose a variety of scarves according to the occasion of the scarf, to provide people with a great choice, and the choice of scarves and personal size, appearance and visual experience, psychological dynamic coordination in order to achieve weaknesses, beautiful and generous effect.

 1, wearing a more serious clothing, it is appropriate to match the traditional pattern of scarves;

  2, and in the popular wear clothing with a modern pattern of scarves, will be more appropriate;

 3, temperament quiet, suitable for the selection of elegant pattern scarves;