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Scarf More Outstanding
Sep 05, 2017

Scarf More outstanding

Scarves are indispensable in the winter of a single product, candy color, solid color, leopard, floral ... ... each have their own style characteristics.

 Small scarves in the warmth at the same time, for the winter a single shape to add a bit pretty. Clever take scarf, for the beautiful extra points it!

   Choose a good color line out a good color a small scarf, if properly with, you can dress up more outstanding, the body will be the focus of the body fell between the slender neck. From the long thick to short and small, from the wool knit to the fur, different styles of scarves show a different style. On the other hand, if the color of scarves, style is not suitable for their own, not only will not play the role of set off, but also appears to be very abrupt, so that the image greatly reduced. Many people in the choice of clothing and accessories, the primary concern is whether the style is suitable for their own, in fact, the color is also set off personal temperament can not be ignored one of the important elements. Fashion stylist suggested that if the skin is dark yellow girls, suggested with colorful pink, bright orange, these bright colors will bring off the color to bring good color. If you match the earth color, khaki scarves will appear more dull skin. "Neck" add flowers to the fashion sense of scarves clever ride can often create an unexpected gas field and fashion sense, if you can always change the scarf method, will make the overall shape of a refreshing feeling, "neck" add flowers. "I think as long as willing to mind with a scarf, you can immediately become a slap face!" Miss Chang said Changchun. Simple and generous solid color knitted scarves, soft colors and diverse, simple and easy to ride, regardless of casual style or elegant line, can easily control, do not have to worry about there will be with the burden of exaggeration.

The weather was cold and the scarf became an indispensable item for heating. Scarves are better to wash before the wash, different materials, scarves, washing methods are also different.

Cotton scarves can be used detergent soaked after hand washing, to dry, then you can put the laundry bag after drying through the washing machine drying.

Knitted chemical fiber scarves do not need to soak before washing, the detergent diluted with warm water, direct washing, dehydration, drying.

Wool scarves to use professional neutral detergent hand wash. It is easy to wear, wash can not be too much force, to remove the jewelry on hand. Hand washing and dehydration time not too long, not drying, can only dry naturally. Cashmere scarves are suitable for hand washing with neutral detergent or wool-specific detergent. Wash, avoid nails, jewelry and other sharp objects hook pull, dehydration time is short, washed and placed in the ventilation at the spread out.