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Scarf Industry Trends
Aug 01, 2017

Scarf Industry Trends

Scarf industry trend research report is through the impact of the scarf industry market, many factors of the investigation and analysis, foreign trade scarves to grasp the scarf industry market operation law, so the future development trend of the scarf industry characteristics, market capacity, competitive trends, Downstream market demand trends and other forecasts.

Scarf industry trends research report analysis of the main points include:

1) Scarf Industry Development Trend Analysis. Through the analysis of the influencing factors of scarf industry development, the paper summarizes the characteristics of the overall operation trend of the future scarf industry;

2) forecast scarf industry production development and its changing trend. The forecast of production development and its changing trend, which is the forecast of the supply of goods and its trend in the market;

3) forecast scarf industry market capacity and changes. Comprehensive analysis of the forecast period scarf industry production technology, product structure adjustment, forecast scarf industry demand structure, quantity and its changing trend.

4) forecast scarf industry market price changes. The price of the inputs and the sales price of the products are directly related to the profitability of the enterprises. In the prediction of commodity prices, we should fully study the labor productivity, production costs, changes in profits, market supply and demand trends, monetary value and changes in currency flows and the impact of national economic policies on commodity prices.

Scarves have never been the role of warm, spring and summer autumn and winter can wear a scarf three quarters, the key is how you a Wai law, in the Variety of scarves under the law to add clothing personality and fashion taste, but also allows you in the vast sea of amazing Outstanding, keep the rate of 100%. Scarf manufacturers to give you a summary of four types of scarf illegal, so you turned fashion trend.

Aspect one: scarf + jacket

With a model: gray scarf + striped T-shirt + black umbrella skirt + black jacket + black stockings + black boots, a set of black and white gray with a very real wear, gray scarf with a variety of jackets.

Aspect 2: scarf + jacket

With a model: blue sweater + blue tassel big square + blue gray woolen coat + blue suit + blue gray suede boots + blue chain package, the whole blue with a body to create a sense of hierarchy, with generous Towel with more reckless.

Aspect three: scarf + jacket

With a demonstration: black sweater + black leather + black straight trousers + black boots + beige scarf, with a light scarf with a dark coat, to avoid a sense of boring.

Aspect four: scarf + jacket

With a demonstration: black sweater + red woolen coat + checkered scarf + gray pencil pants + bright boots, bright coat with dark scarf is also with temperament.

Dyed products like printing rather than printing, the Department of the local form of a method of dyeing. Tie the pattern, naturally with the nature, fancy variety, fresh colors, rich colors. And because the pattern pattern in its big style under the tone, will not produce a mechanical complete repeat, so tie the scarf, each one is a personalized single product.

Tie dyeing process Description:

Tie dye in the process of the main points and "tie" and "dye" two key links. The former part of the collectively referred to as "bar", but the actual operation can be divided into folding, stacked, twisted, new, sewing, bundles, bar and other methods point. The latter part of the collectively referred to as "dyeing", and pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing and other three stages of the composition.

From the process point of view, today's tie-dye products, is not entirely the traditional sense of handicraft products, but a high degree of integration with modern dyeing and finishing technology. Due to tie-dye "tie" the special nature of this process, making the subtle manual operation differences, out of the pattern is also unique, not the same, it will not appear "Zhuangshan" may also greatly meet the present Consumers pursue the "first one" mentality.