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Knitted Blanket Structured
Oct 19, 2017

Knitted Blanket Structured

How to identify high quality knitted blankets

raw material. High-quality weaving blanket raw materials are generally made of fine wool handmade, its hair long and uniform, flexible, no hard roots; low-quality knitted blanket raw materials are often mixed with moldy bad hair and polypropylene fiber, the hair short and root Uneven thickness, hand touch when no flexibility, there are hard roots.

Exterior. High-quality knit blanket pattern clear and beautiful, suede shiny, color uniform, pattern structured, carpet surface down consistent; and poor quality weaving blanket color is bleak, blurred patterns, plush sparse, easy to pilling sticky dirty.

Feet Feet. High-quality knitted blanket feel comfortable, non-stick non-slip, good resilience, step soon after they can restore the status quo; low-quality knitted blanket elasticity is often very small, very slow after the recovery, foot feeling rough, and often accompanied by hard Feeling.

Process. High-quality weaving blanket craftsmanship, knitted blanket to flatten, the rules of the rules; low-quality knitted blankets are rough work, its weight is also due to small density and significantly lower than the quality products.

Knitted blankets according to the supply of different styles, different types of knitted blankets and other different materials, knitted blankets can be a block supply. Knitted blankets can also be complete sets of supply, each set by the block shape, different specifications of the composition of the knitted blanket.

Fancy square knit blankets are made of small pieces of knitted blankets of different colors, and they can be made in different patterns. The knitted blankets are convenient and flexible, and the position can be changed at any time. This aspect provides a greater selectivity for interior design. It also satisfies the taste of different masters, and the knitted blankets with severe wear can be exchanged at any time The life of the knitted blanket, to achieve both economic and aesthetic purposes.

In the interior cleverly laying a small piece of knitted blanket, can often play the finishing touch effect. Small piece of knitted blanket can get rid of large gray ground monotonous sense, but also to different parts of the indoor functional division. Door blanket, bed blanket, carpet, etc. are the success of the application of massive knitted blankets.

The knitting blanket is divided into 50cmX50cm, 60cmX60cm or other sizes according to the design requirements, and is suitable for office and so on. A small knit blanket, always make people very tangled. Light to the overall environment up the advantages of a file to make it difficult to let go, but easy to attach dust to bacteria, need regular cleaning, cleaning is also a little difficult this drawback is also very fatal. Shop or no shop, this choice is really difficult! With the development of the times the type of home decoration is also more and more, but as a veteran 家装 - knitted blanket is more and more fashionable, more and more attention to personality. Knitted blankets are essential elements of modern home furnishings, although few people now lay the knit blankets throughout the home, but the living room coffee table under a small knit blanket and other home decoration side by side, but also a charming scenery.

We are so love knit blanket, but sometimes do not know how to choose the right knit blanket, you are also worry about it? In fact, the simple way is to choose and home wallpaper, sofa or coffee table color similar to the blanket. Such as the figure on this knitted blanket, black and white patterns and black and white stripes of the coffee table and sofa color consistent, harmonious and generous, complement each other. Black and white classic color so that the whole family seems well organized, adding a lot of distinguished atmosphere.