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Knitted Blanket Mainly Based On The Laying Of The Location
Jul 03, 2017

Knitted Blanket Mainly based on the laying of the location

First, pick color: mainly based on the laying of the location and their own preferences.

1. Study: study should choose fresh and elegant color, refined pattern of the wind.

2. Living room: large pattern, smooth lines of the carpet pattern can create a visual open effect. In order to facilitate the replacement, but also choose to fight the carpet.

3. bedroom: should choose a smaller pattern, with a proper carpet pattern, visual quiet, warm, while the color and furniture to consider the overall coordination.

4. Restaurant: Select the carpet should be considered to deal with stains, such as beverages, food and other stains. Many colorful patterns have the effect of masking stains, is the first choice for the restaurant.

Second, pick material

(A) wool carpet: comfortable, soft, flexible, trampled comfortable, comfortable sitting, but the furniture under normal pressure is not ventilated place easy insects. Therefore, the general choice of wool carpets, carpet as blanket carpet blanket, in the chemical fiber covered with carpets, and then covered with a handmade wool blanket, both noble and clean.

In addition, the quality of the yarn is good or bad, directly determines the use of the carpet function, the use of long fiber, high-quality high-quality blankets with wool (such as Xining large white wool Luo Manni wool) spinning, carpet fastness, gloss, flexibility There is a guarantee, on the contrary, the common low-quality yarn is to collect the wool industry waste wool waste yarn, fiber short, blanket constantly hair removal, suede bran, is fake wool carpets. Simple identification method is to repeatedly rub the face with the palm of your hand, floating hair off serious, that is, shoddy carpet.

(B) mechanism carpet

A. To see the resilience: This is mainly reflected in the comfort of the carpet, the general consumer can use a simple way back to the back of the carpet to see if the exposed background, the general density of the more difficult to reveal the bottom lining. The greater the density the better the flexibility, the more durable.

B. Look color fastness: with the palm of your hand repeatedly rubbing the carpet or wet paper cloth to wipe the carpet to see if the palm and paper towels are stained, stained severely that color fastness is not good.

C. To see the label: the national carpet label standards, in addition to product name, trademark, but also specify the fiber name, content, blanket on the pile quality (the heavier the better) and special performance and other important information. Through the label can make consumers understand shopping. To assist consumers to identify, the newly revised woven and tufted carpet national standard provides a model for every 50 grams. For example: pile quality 6500 g / m2 is 650 type. The higher the model, the heavier the carpet, the more comfortable and durable. This makes consumers at a glance, fair trade, quality to the price.

D. Depending on the laying of the occasion, choose a different production process of the carpet, such as stepping on the frequent place to choose wear-resistant round robin carpet, and the pile of sparse towel carpet trampling for a long time will cause changes in pattern and pile lodging The

E. The same process or the same raw material, the tuft density (number of tracks / feet or velcro number / square meter) of the higher carpet, or pile weight (g / m) larger carpet, The price is higher.

F. The same pile of raw materials, different velvet yarn processing, such as the stock of twisted yarn, yarn, and filament yarn and other cashmere yarn made of carpet, the price is higher than the general filament made of carpet.

(C) chemical fiber carpet: usually mention chemical fiber carpet that grade low, it is not true. Good chemical fiber carpets, for example, some nylon is more expensive than wool, of course, higher than polypropylene. In particular, flame retardant, antistatic, stained nylon carpet is the top grade in chemical fiber carpets. The same is the nylon carpet, but also look at the production process, in general, woven carpet more tufted carpet, fine cashmere, fine pattern rich color, the price of woven carpets than the tufted carpet. Similarly, the same polypropylene material carpets, woven carpet prices are higher than the tufted carpet.