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How To Buy Home Textiles
Oct 28, 2016

Myth: the number of the better, the higher the number of cloth thicker, the higher the number of cloth the more dense cloth!

Not the same, the same density, is a high number of good, but more than 60S can not do bed products; the higher the density of the cloth is more dense; the lower the number of yarn thicker, thicker cloth!

Myth: 30,40 of the cloth is poor.

Is not the case, to know the big brands (such as Carolina), more than 95%, 30,40, most of the early 21st century textile products are 30,40, more down, 20 (cloth is very thick) 60; embroidery and printing are, 30,40, 60 only jacquard, satin, etc., and the jacquard is relatively small.

Misunderstanding 3: over-believe what technical data! The pursuit of high-density high-density!

People may say, 60, I can say is, 80, to talk about who will not? Do not know too many people who can not listen to what is what.