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Home Textile Products Purchase Skills Is Very Important
Oct 28, 2016

In fact, for the bed in terms of its landscape to the number of sheets and quilt, pillowcases competing between each other.The main bedroom bedroom color from the bedding, we can choose different styles, different colors, different textures bedspreads sheets, in fact, Bedding should also pay attention to the size and color of choice.

1, all sheets, quilt, quilt and so have a unified standard: 3750px × 5000px bed should buy 5000px × 5750px standard sheets, quilt, quilt; and 4500px × 5000px bed should choose 5500px × 6250px suite, so In the purchase must be clear before the size of their own bed.

2, the style of bed products can also be purchased according to their needs, you can first purchase a large set, and then gradually buy small pieces of replacement. (6250px × 5700px), quilt cover (5700px × 5000px or 6000px × 5500px) can be purchased to replace the thick quilted bed cover and multi-use. Plus a pair of a pair of large or small pairs of pillows (large 2100px × 1450px, small 1850px × 1200px), but also by adding a package (1500px × 1500px), combined into four sets, five sets, 7 sets, 10 sets.