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Details Of Home Textile Fabrics: Satin Fabric What Is The Satin?
Oct 28, 2016

What is the satin: satin fabric, also known as satin fabric is a more complex weaving process of a fabric, warp and weft yarn at least three yarns were intertwined at least once, the warp or weft with a long floating line covering the fabric surface along the floating yarn The direction of smooth and shiny, cotton satin texture soft and delicate, flexible. The pattern pattern is more rich than cotton twill fabric. Because the satin weave fabric density higher, so the fabric is more solid. Because of its good quality characteristics as a "tribute" can be named after the tribute. Satin weave products than similar plain, twill weave products cost more. Satin weave woven fabric are collectively referred to as satin fabric.

Satin fabric is a satin weave fabric, is a by the adjacent two warp or weft yarn on a separate organization point evenly distributed but not continuous fabric organization.