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Cable Knit Blanket Coral Velvet Fabric
Jun 15, 2017

cable knit blanket Coral velvet fabric

(A) from the front of the coral velvet fabric, high-quality coral cashmere fluffy smooth, no high and low, no chaos to the hair. And the back of the style should be smooth and smooth, not sparse and messy. Poor coral cashmere often have weft oblique, stains and so on, consumers as long as the sun in a little careful look, you can find the pros and cons. (B) hand kneading coral velvet fabric, in general, slippery is 288F, incumbent is 144F, two styles have their own characteristics.

Pure wool blanket. Pure wool blankets are made of wool, and its quality, can be judged from the following three aspects.

Feel both crisp and soft, and flexible, as long as the hand can be identified.

Suede fluffy, requiring blankets are not hard, loose pile loose and chaos, covered in the carpet surface of the villi neat, hair waves clear. Bottom of the bottom of the velvet must be fine and dense, not to the end of cloth exposed, if the bottom cashmere velvet bad, must appear villi exposed. This kind of blankets affect the appearance of quality, will reduce the thermal performance, should pay special attention. In addition, look at the whole blanket gloss is not natural soft. Whether the color is beautiful, with or without old sense. The best to see the edge of the blanket, as long as the color coordination, flat, straight, neat, no broken edge or curved edge on it.

Blended blankets. Blended blanket is made of pure wool and chemical fiber blended, both the characteristics of pure blankets and acrylic blanket, the cold, warm, soft, comfortable degree is generally better than acrylic blanket, the price is cheaper than the blankets, varieties of blended jacquard blanket, Blended velvet blanket, blended blanket and so on. Its excellent quality features:

Appearance: less defects, physical quality close to the pure blankets, carpet surface rich, flexible, soft and real, side Road is, Qi.

Feel: hand grip when not hair loss, pressure is not knot, flexible. Ingredients: the amount of wool in line with national quality standards, with the combustion method to identify, there is the smell of hair burning, ashes are mostly charcoal-like, little coke. Friction, the power is very little or even static. Trademarks: trademark content is complete, embroidered fine. Now introduce a simple method of identification, identification of blankets fabric composition is a simple method of combustion. The practice is to rub a little blanket on the surface of the blanket, with the fire to ignite it, observe the state of burning flame, smell the smell of cloth after burning cloth, see after burning

Of the residue, and thus determine the blanket on the label marked with the fabric composition is consistent to identify the authenticity of the blanket components. Cotton fiber and hemp fiber are just the flame that is burning, burning quickly, the flame was yellow, blue smoke. The difference between the two is the smell of burning and the burning of the ashes, the burning of cotton burning paper smell, burning burning grass ash smell; burning, the cotton has very little powder ashes, black or gray, hemp produces a small amount of gray powder ashes. Silk burning is very low, soon after the extinguishment of burning, burning smoke is white, and accompanied by burning feathers issued by the protein coke flavor, after burning the ash crisp and fragile, pinch into powder; Chemical fiber burning black smoke and with irritating smell, gray and black hand and hand pinch, with the first three kinds of significant differences