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Blanket Manual Craftsmanship
Jul 03, 2017

Blanket Manual craftsmanship

Handmade carpets are carpets made by handmade craftsmanship, including handmade carpets and handmade rugs. Handmade carpets are the main category of high-end carpet products as well as art tapestries, tapestries, craft carpets, art carpets. Handmade carpets do not accept wide restrictions, in the large works can also reflect the integrity.

 Hand-woven carpets. Including carpeted carpets, flat needle carpets, rope blanket, etc., and the most common use of carpet carpet. To natural fiber as raw material. In the fire, antistatic, moisture, breathable and fastness to color and so on are better than chemical synthetic fiber as raw materials woven carpets. Craftsmanship, all pictures can describe the image in the high-level hand-woven silk can be expressed on the carpet.

Handmade carpets made of pure handmade, mostly pure wool and silk as the material, before and after the pattern design, color, dyeing yarn, on the hand knot, flat blanket, blanket, wash blanket, cast scissors, dressing more than a dozen procedures Processing made from. It can be dozens of colors harmoniously blend together, close and delicate carpet surface can make the life of the carpet extended to a few hundred years. Such a tedious process makes the time to make a blanket from a few months to a year or two.

Handmade carpets with the general woven, chemical fiber carpet unparalleled in terms of the arts and the value of the arts, is China's traditional export products, known as "soft gold," said the rich content, three-dimensional sense of strong, flowers, scenery Like relief, with a high value, value and appreciation of the collection value, over the years by domestic and foreign customers welcome.

Handmade carpet according to the pattern can be divided into Persian patterns, art patterns and geometric patterns; according to the process can be divided into hand-woven (also known as the Oriental blanket) and hand guns (plastic blankets) two; by origin, divided into Persian carpets , European-style French carpet, Tibetan carpet, Beijing-style traditional carpet.

Handmade carpets focus on the details of the treatment, such as weaving a peach, you can use a dozen colors, or even dozens of colors to polish, red in powder, pink in white, white in red, sunny side of the color can be Light, some shade of the local color can be deeper, the color of the other petals can be covered by some deep, the color of the outside can be lighter, which is woven carpets in any case can not reach, but also the artistic value of handmade carpets Where.

Daily cleaning:

1) early cleaning: with a traditional vacuum cleaner or dry mop to clean the surface of the ups and downs and construction of stolen goods, and then use a neutral detergent, depending on the degree of stolen goods, with ordinary semi-wet mop or brush scrub, and then dry with a dry mop to dry the surface.

2) daily maintenance: with a towel dipped in a little water to clean the surface. Depending on the degree of surface contamination can be added in the water neutral detergent scrub. Such as the surface of the soil a lot of water scrub can be used to scrub, and then dry with a dry mop can be.

3) remove the stains: ordinary pollutants on the surface without any pollution, such as iodine and other strong contaminants caused by surface stains, can be used in addition to wax water scrub, and then daily cleaning. Clean the floor

The cleaning ground is ready for waxing before maintenance.