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Blanket How To Buy
Oct 19, 2017

Blanket How to buy

The blanket made the winter more warm

The weather was getting cold, and some new housewives thought of adding a blanket to be pressed and made the winter and the family in the winter. What are the main types of blankets on the market, how to buy and maintenance? We went to the urban mall bedding area and part of the bedding store looked at.

"Raschel" based on whether the market bedding area or urban bedding stores, blankets, the main product is well known varieties - Raschel blankets, in addition to a small number of cotton blankets, silk Blankets and Blankets. According to the urban "Luo Lai" home textile professionals, the market Raschel blanket according to the different materials and workmanship, low, medium and high-grade points, the price of each bed is generally 100 to 1,200 yuan, the material is full chemical fiber , Wool synthetic, all kinds of wool. Raschel blanket is characterized by relatively light, covered up more warm, easy maintenance.

The whole wool blanket prices are relatively high, the general manufacturers of the whole production of blankets per bed price to more than seven or eight hundred yuan, of course, the market also has relatively cheap whole wool blanket, the price in three or four hundred dollars on it. In the cold season, but also feel that they are a very afraid of cold people, then choose the whole wool blanket bar.

Cotton blanket is generally used for spring and autumn season, the weight is relatively light, also 1500 ~ 2000 grams or so, but my experience, cotton blanket is still more practical, some people do not like to be too heavy, cotton blanket Is a good choice.

Silk blanket blanket in recent years on the market a new blanket, which uses high-grade export fabrics and high-tech fiber combination, focusing on green, the use of modern high-tech and special technology made, very thin, feel very soft, it is said to strengthen Warm and hygroscopic functions. The price of this blanket is certainly not cheap, each bed between 200 to 500 yuan.

The market of wool blanket material and wool is almost, the general wool content of 20% to 100%, some markets and some supermarkets in the sale of wool blanket wool content less, and some even below 20%. Therefore, the price difference is relatively large, cheap 100 yuan can buy a bed, high-grade bed to more than 1,000 yuan. According to professionals, wool products are characterized by moisture and perspiration better, soft and comfortable touch.

How to buy

According to the urban management of bedding professionals, can be used to see two touch three rub rub blankets and chemical fiber blankets to be distinguished. The naked eye can be seen that the color of the blanket is darker and bead hair luster, the villi is thick and thin, not very uniform, the fingers can feel the fluffy elasticity of the carpet, soft fluff in the slight hand feeling, fingers rubbing the blanket can not afford the ball The The chemical fiber blanket bright color, clear pattern clear, no animal hair luster, soft handle does not hold the hand, rubbing the backlash hairs easy to play the ball, and chemical fiber blanket texture is generally thin.

Cashmere felt feel light, slippery, thin, according to the relevant provisions of the country, pure cashmere blanket products should be cashmere logo, the content must be more than 95%. Purchase such products should carefully check whether there is a certificate label.

Cotton blanket general surface gloss soft, soft, flexible, easy to fold. Hand loosen the fabric after the release, visible obvious wrinkles, and the fold is not easy to restore the status quo.