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Worsted Scarf Plain Weave
Jun 09, 2017

Worsted Scarf Plain weave

(1) where the legislature: the use of plain weave woven monochrome strands of thin fabric, which is characterized by fine yarn, twist larger, warp and weft density in the worst of wool. Where legislature according to the use of raw materials, divided into full wool, blended and pure chemical fiber, blended multi-purpose viscose, nylon or polyester, there are sticky, Jin, polyester with pure fiber. Where the legislature in addition to plain, there are hidden, hidden, sliver, lattice and other different varieties, it smooth and smooth, no lint, weave clear, light texture breathable, with bones, not plate is not wrinkled. Most of the dye dye, color to beige, light gray for more. Suitable for the production of summer men and women shirt and spring and autumn trousers, skirts and so on.

(2) Pali: the use of plain weave woven fabric, woolen wool is one of the most light varieties. It has a color mixing effect, the general method of dyeing with the top, the first part of the tops after dyeing, and then with the original color of the top of the mixed spinning, it spread evenly fine and irregular filament-like streak. Color to mixed gray-based, light gray, gray, dark gray, etc., there are a small amount of mixed blue, mixed coffee and so on. Smooth and smooth, not rough is not hard, soft and flexible, with the body. Worsted woolen is the lightest unit weight. The main difference between it and the ritual is that the ritual is a dyed monochrome, and the faction is mixed, And the same as the fabric, thin, slippery, very cool, is also the ideal appearance of the number I I can. Hair polyester factions are very anti-wrinkle, easy to wash, easy to dry, with good wearing performance. Pine Division for the summer ideal men and women suits, ceremonial clothing, dual-use shirt, long trousers and other materials.

(3) serge: twill in the thick wool fabric, serge of warp and weft density ratio of about 1, the appearance of the right twill, and the lines flat, wide, it has a smooth surface and two kinds of hair surface. Smooth beige lines clear, smooth and smooth; hair surface Sergey surface lines are still visible, but there are short hairs. The market is more common is the smooth serge, it fine, soft, body elasticity, texture fast, color to gray, black, navy, beige and so on, there are a small amount of color. Mainly used for spring and autumn men, jackets, women's pants, skirts and other clothing. In order to meet the clothing to light, thin, soft direction of the development of demand, low special type of sergeium fabric has become an inevitable trend.