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What is the use of cotton linter?
Oct 28, 2016

Cotton linter is the defense, textile, chemical fiber, paper and other light, an important raw material of the chemical industry, is an important strategic materials. China rich in cotton, cotton linter resources are very rich. Such as ginning after the cottonseed all stripping, the lint can be quite lint total output of 15% to 20%, so cotton linter is a cellulose resource can not be ignored. Cotton linter is not only widely used, high economic value, but also after the stripping of cottonseeds on the eggs, plant bacteria removed. Peel off the two cotton velvet water absorption, rapid germination. Stripped cottonseed per 100 kg of cottonseed oil can be more than 1.5 kg. Therefore, to more cashmere, stripping good cashmere. The use of cotton linter is different, the quality requirements (especially length) are also different. Therefore, in production should be strictly in accordance with the lane split velvet, grasp the proportion of light to keep stripping the first Road (not more than three times the rate of cottonseed hair), two heavy stripping (accounting for the total rate of 50% to 60% Three basic stripping (cotton residue residue rate of not more than 3%). Not mixed stripping, to ensure the quality of lint.