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Textile manufacturers to take you to understand the mulberry silk radiation suit
Oct 28, 2016

(60db, shielding rate of 99.9999%), a new generation of green natural radiation suit fabric, mulberry silk is mainly protein fiber, from 18 kinds of amino acid group [1] into, breathable Good, excellent moisture absorption, the "Queen of fiber" reputation, from Zaisang, silkworm reeling silk weaving process are not subject to pollution, a green product. "Silk 100% silver fiber" fabric, protection capacity than ordinary silver fiber increased by 30%, more soft close, bright color, warm and breathable, green and healthy, suitable for personal wear, pregnant women with protection, muscle, health and physiological conditioning And other effects. This series of products are widely used in Japan, Europe and other international advanced textile technology, from natural silk (silk) and 100% silver fiber blended by the ratio of 1: 1, with superior electromagnetic shielding effect at the same time By the authority of the department detection, shielding capacity than the market conventional silver fiber radiation suits 30%), but also with natural and healthy features. "Silk silk fiber silver radiation suit" the price of the world's ordinary radiation protection service slightly higher, but because the product integration of technology, fashion, natural and other characteristics of the product, , The product is introduced, they get a contemporary white-collar family and the pursuit of health, high-end women in pregnancy favorite.