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Textile manufacturers to take you to understand Ma blended fabric
Oct 28, 2016

Cotton blended interwoven fabric Cotton blended fabric is generally 55% hemp and 45% cotton or hemp, cotton 50% of the proportion of blending. The appearance of the linen fabric to maintain a unique rugged and crisp style, but also has the characteristics of soft cotton fabric to improve the fine linen fabric is not clean, easy to fluff shortcomings. Cotton and linen interwoven fabric for the cotton, linen weft for the interweave fabric, texture, firm and smooth, feel soft in pure linen. Hemp blended interwoven fabrics are mostly light and thin, suitable for summer clothing; wool blended fabric with different proportion of wool blend blended yarn into a variety of fabrics, including the Ma Ma word and a variety of woolen tweed. Wool and linen blended fabric has a smooth feel, crisp, good elasticity characteristics, suitable for the production of young men and women clothing, suits, skirts, vests, etc .; silk hemp blended fabric silk sand washing fabric is the use of sand washing process developed new products . It combines both silk and linen fabric of the fine features, but also to overcome the strength of silk sand washing fabric weaknesses, resulting in a cool and flexible feel. This fabric is suitable for making summer clothing; hemp and chemical fiber blended fabrics include hemp and a chemical fiber blended fabric, linen and two or more chemical fiber blended fabric.