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Textile manufacturers to bring you a brief understanding of cotton linter
Oct 28, 2016

After ginning after the cottonseed (Maozi) also left the staple fiber, with stripping machine to strip these short fibers, called cotton linter. Cotton linter consists of three parts; the first part from the "wool" of the longer fibers; the second part from the ginning on the ginning machine to break the fiber; the third part of the cottonseed skin on the natural growth and development into a short layer Dense fibers, which is the main component of cotton linter. Cotton flowers ovule (later cottonseed) after fertilization, part of the surface cells prominent normal growth of fiber namely: cotton; another part of the surface cell growth for some reason stop growth, then the formation of shorter than normal cotton fiber cotton linter.

Cotton linter features: First, short and thick fibers, generally only 2-3 mm, length only up to 30 times the width of each cottonseed on the short fiber number of long fibers more than double the number of 20000-30000 Roots; two colors are often gray or white, sometimes gray-brown or gray-green; three short fiber maturity than long fiber, which is easier to transport nutrients to the short fiber to the reason. Cotton linter chemical composition and long fiber lint, cellulose content of 90% or more.