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Textile manufacturers to bring you a brief understanding of linen
Oct 28, 2016

Linen is also known as hemp-type fabric. Refers to the hemp woven into the cloth, used to make shirts or packaging items. Fine linen called summer Ma, can do cloth. Is the hemp fiber pure spinning or mixed with other fibers made of yarn and fabric, also includes a variety of hemp-containing fabric. The linen fabric has the characteristics of rapid moisture absorption, high breaking strength, poor elasticity and small elongation at break. What are its characteristics? And textiles manufacturers Xiao Bian simple understanding.

Hemp fiber is a cellulose fiber, the fabric has similar properties with cotton; linen with high strength, good hygroscopicity, thermal conductivity characteristics, especially the strength of the first home of natural fibers; linen dyeing performance, bright color, Alkali, acid are not sensitive, can occur in the caustic soda mercerizing effect, so that the intensity, gloss enhancement; in dilute acid in a short time (1 to 2 minutes), the basic does not change. Of course, the strong acid is still its harm; anti-fungal good, not easy to damp moldy.