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Pure linen fabric you know?
Oct 28, 2016

Ramie fabric ramie fabric is made of ramie fiber textile fabrics, divided by hand and woven two categories. Handmade ramie cloth commonly known as summer cloth, because of its quality is not uniform, it is used for mosquito nets, linen, lining materials; and woven ramie cloth quality and appearance are better than hand-made summer cloth, cloth close formation, uniform clean smooth, Bleaching or dyeing can be made after a variety of clothing.

Ramie clothing wearing very cool, breathable sweat, it is the ideal summer fabric. Ramie fabric has many excellent characteristics, such as fast absorption of moisture scattered, heat and fast heat, good gloss, cool breathable, sweat is not personal, light texture, strong, mildew Fangzhu, very suitable as summer clothing. But the ramie fabric also has shortcomings, mainly poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle, poor wear resistance, skin contact with itching and so on.