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How to Distinguish Silk and Silk
Oct 28, 2016

Silk for the natural animal protein fiber, silk weaving is the most important raw materials. Smooth and soft, shiny, cool feeling of winter and cool, when the friction has a unique "silk Ming" phenomenon, a good extension, better heat resistance, salt water erosion is not suitable for chlorine bleaching Agent or detergent. Common silk fabric varieties in accordance with the process generally have double crepe, heavy crepe, Qiaoqi, double Joe, heavy Joe, Sambo satin, plain crepe satin, elastic satin crepe, warp knitting, and several other categories, each have their own Characteristics, because of their different processing technology, the price will vary a lot. Usually, double crepe fabric by high temperature stereotypes, fabric stability, wrinkle resistance is better, higher printing and dyeing saturation, bright color; heavy crepe has the advantage of good fabric down, wrinkle resistance will be stronger; Sapporo satin is a silk fabric in the conventional fabric, satin texture clear, antique satin satin bright and noble, smooth feel, fabric shrinkage is relatively large, the water has declined after the gloss; Stretch crepe satin is a new material, in addition to the composition of silk, also add 5% to 10% of the spandex, is an interwoven fabric, which is characterized by good elasticity, shrinkage is relatively small; and soft knitted fabric, Knitting new special fabrics, high technology content, is a high-end boutique, the price will be much higher course.