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Abrasive four-piece maintenance methods you know
Oct 28, 2016

1, often wash bedding pillowcases and sheets, tired of lying on the top of the day it is easy to put the dust and bacteria outside the bed of goods.

2, for the autumn and winter season, bedding is not often washed. It is necessary to maintain a clean bed and a whole set of law, replace the clothes do not throw in bed. The best wash every day after going to bed. Pets do not let the pet go to bed. No shampoo at night can wear a hat.

3, the quilt or sheets often change the direction, in general, our sleeping position is relatively fixed easily lead to bed pressure and the use of different areas lead to the occurrence of local bedding fold or fade. Every three months or so a swap If the two sides of the AB can also be used in turn. So that balanced use of bedding.

4, moisture damage to the goods is great after. Especially for textile goods invade Stanford strong. Therefore, the dry bed is to ensure the maintenance of its life and an important part of comfort.

5, bedding cleaning should not be exposed to the sun.

6, when the best in the sun to fill out the items, so the sun fast effect Ye Hao. For some of the more arrogant and not directly like the top can be covered in a layer of gauze. Can be protected from high temperature damage.

7, when the sun can not be forced to beat.

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