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A Brief Introduction to Washing and Maintenance of Silk
Oct 28, 2016

Hand wash the best. In the cold water into a small amount of acid detergent, or acid shampoo first hand the water detergent mix before you put the clothes; clothing in the water soaking time not more than three minutes; hand gently scrub. Rinse, available two Three drops of vinegar for the second time to clean and keep clothes bright and beautiful, not wrung dry, tile dry; if not the whole iron, can be dry Qichengqianqi clothing can be flat. Remember not to use detergent, laundry soap, soap and other cleaning products. Can not shuffle with other clothes.

Maintenance: buy silk clothing should pay attention to their original size than the original 2 to 4 cm, so comfortable, and easy to damage silk protein fiber; silk clothing should be dried, not in the sun or fluorescent light drying; mulberry silk clothing should be In the temperature of ironing (130 to 140 degrees Celsius); mulberry silk clothing hygroscopicity, do not wear the best hangers hang and keep the ventilation; such as clothing is not very dirty do not wash, will wear clothes hanging in the ventilated place to perspiration And then wear; silk clothing is best hanging storage, keep dry, insecticide must use cloth, do not direct contact with clothing.

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